Optimal Stack Muscle Building Review

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What if you could gain muscle mass with just a supplement? Optimal Stack maintains that, so I probed into it and here is the review.

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About the Supplement!

A bodybuilding supplement, it utilizes NO as the principle element for bodybuilding. What sets this product apart is the fact that it promises to help you gain 30% more muscle mass within 30 days of beginning dosage without causing a slight side effect.

Optimal Stack benefits

Optimal Stack Ingredients

  • Amino Acids which act as Nitric Oxide Boosters
  • Antioxidants

How Does Optimal Stack Work?

  • Amino acids enter the body and turn into Nitric oxide, elevating body’s natural production of NO
  • This increase in NO widens blood vessels which allows greater flow of blood and oxygen
  • When blood, oxygen and nutrients reach the body’s cells (muscle cells) faster, the body is able to work out harder
  • This also helps in recovering fast as muscle cells get more oxygen and blood quickly
  • Antioxidants fight against free radical cells and keep them from causing radical damage

Optimal Stack working

About my Little Experiment!

With my 14 days sample on its way, I planned out a 60 minute workout to test the efficiency of this product. My workout included weight and cardio training and diet included protein rich foods. Finally, within two days, my sample arrived and I took two pills before workout every day. In the beginning, there wasn’t much difference as I was still feeling the fatigue and recovery was slow.

  • I felt the change on 4th day of taking the supplement as I could lift and do the reps without gasping. In fact, after the workout, I felt pumped and stronger unlike feeling the usual tiredness.
  • On the last day, while measuring I found that my biceps size has increased 2.6” and shoulders have grown by 1.8”. My recovery rate was also considerably faster and fatigue almost declined to nil on the last day (10th day).

With these results in hand without any side effects, this is sure worth recommending.

Pros of using the Formula!

  • Sugar, calories and carbs free
  • Diet approved
  • Tested ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Capsule form (no proportion hassle)
  • Faster recovery

Optimal Stack muscle building


  • Is not available in the retail market
  • Not for those under 18 so high school bodybuilders may not be able to use it

Side Effects?

As such there are none. You just need to use this as directed and you will surely get good results.

Where to Buy?

Sample of Optimal Stack can be purchased online through its official website.


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